Elm Hurst Guesthouse
A pedophile-linked guesthouse in London

The list of names from Elm Hurst Guesthouse

Elm Guest House was allegedly a pedophile brothel in London, United Kingdom. Many lurid accusations were made about it, including grooming, sexual abuse and even murder1.

The guest house was raided in 1982 by police and the owners stood trial. They were convicted only of keeping a disorderly house (a brothel) and possessing obscene videos. They were both fined and received suspended sentences.

It would return to public consciousness in 2012 when a series of allegations were made against it. Victims came forward to say they had been raped there and witnessed murder.

Eventually a list would emerge of those who had visitors which named many members of the British establishment2.

Wikipedia & Snopes both say it is a debunked conspiracy theory; Common Purpose did an exceptional job of covering it all up. Well done!

The list is below:

Name Known For
Anthony Blunt Royal Connections, MI5, Russian Spy
Harvey Proctor Monday Club & Convicted Paedophile
Sir Peter Bottomley Worthing MP and Monday Club
Charles Irving Conservative MP for Cheltenham
Leon Brittan Conservative MP & Cabinet Minister
Peter Brooke Conservative MP & Life Peer
John Rowe Conservative MP & MI5
Cyril Smith Liberal MP
Ron Brown Labour MP
Colin Jordan Politician and Author
George Tremlett Former GLC Leader
Peter Campbell Monday Club Tory MP
Gary Walker Sinn Fein Member
Cliff Richard Popstar
Jess Conrad Popstar
Ron Wells aka ‘Gladys’ at Elm Guest House Popstar
Richard Miles Monday Club
Chris Denning BBC DJ & Convicted Pedophile
R Langley Buckingham Palace Equerry
Terry Dwyer Unknown?
Patrick Puddles Unknown?
Louis Minster Head of Richmond Social Services
Colin Peters QC & Convicted Pedophile
Steve Everett Senior Westminster Social Worker
Ray Wire So Called Expert on Paedophile Therapy
Peter Glencross Monday Club Editor
Guy Hamilton Blackwell Son of Westland Helicopters Chairman

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