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A repository of information about Pedogate
Transcripts from the Hampstead Abuse Case
Little St. James
Photos from Instagram, all very curious
The curious art of the Pedocrats.
Statues outside the BBC
Mural by Arrington de Dionyso
Series by Biljana Djurdjevic
Work of Ria Pratt
Performance art involving blood & offal
Painting by Louise Bourgeois
Rolf Harris’ Painting of the Queen
Painting by Patricia Piccinini
The heroes of pedogate, many of whom have lost their lives.
BBC journalist
BBC journalist
Those places and organizations implicated in pedogate.
A pedophile-linked guesthouse in London
For services to pedophilia
The ‘charity’ scam
Castle in Belgium
Caribbean Pedo Island
Epstein’s Contact List
A suspected child brothel
The enclave of Pedophilia
Swanky hotel chain
Biomedical Charity
The elite pedophiles who abuse children
Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager
Registered sex offender
Hollywood actor
Hollywood Actor
CNN anchor Anderson Cooper
The 42nd President of the United States
Singer Song Writer
Jeffery Epstein’s alleged Madam
Monarch of the United Kingdom
Very friendly with pedophiles
A UK-based entertainer and pedophile
Proprietor of Evie’s Crib
Father of Thelema
Owner of Comet Ping Pong
A curious religion involving child sacrifice
Celebrities and their tattoos
A religion involving semen cakes
The elite’s drug of choice
The Eucharistic host in Thelema
A deformity of the iris
The hands of Skippy tell a tale
Emails from John Podesta
Red shoes significant?
What could this mean?
Historical Pedogate.
A strange case in Hampstead, London
Child abuse network in Belgium
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