Red Shoes
Red shoes significant?

Red Shoes are recurrent motif in much of the pedogate material. It appears in photographs, art and emails. Attention was initially drawn to them by this photograph from Tony Podesta’s 65th birthday party.

Red shoes also been found in spirit cooking events. Here’s Alex Soros; note the woman on a sacrificial table behind him and the hashtag #tonightwedineinhell.

In Pedo Art

Art admired by luminaries such as Tony Podesta also feature red shoes:

Orphelia Connection

The same artist as the art above (Biljana Djurdjevic) did a similar piece inspired by Millais’ Ophelia:

This connection to Ophelia & red shoes also apears in Pan’s Labyrinth where Ofelia wears red shoes after her death and renaissance in the other world.

Bonus Round

Here’s padophile Jimmy Savile advertising the interestingly-named ‘Start-rite’. There is also one male black shoe and one female white shoe. Is it obvious enough yet?!? Start-rite

Don’t worry; they have a Royal Warrant.

Other Connections

  • The Hampstead Abuse children claimed their abusers wore shoes made from the skin of children.

  • Hans Christian Anderson’s creepy The Red Shoes contains childhood themes of sexual awakening & magic.

  • Macaulay Culkin did not say Hollywood executives wear red shoes; Snopes is actually right.

It is likely ‘red shoes’ has some occult meaning which has not permeated into the ‘profane’ world.

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