Pedo Tattoos
Celebrities and their tattoos

Celebrities love their tattoos but many have hidden meanings known only to fellow initiates into Pedoanity.

In this section we examine their charming tattoos. This page is still under construction; if you have any sightings do send them in.

Davina McCall

Davina McCall – a woman who has dedicated her time to teaching children about sex – seems to have a tattoo of baphomet on her loin.

She’s a descendant of George IV; the Queen will be thrilled.

Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof — a minor UK celebrity — was initiated into the OTO sex cult in around 2013. She proudly posted the picture above on Instagram for her followers.

She joined O.T.O.1 in 2013 & confessed to being a Scientologist during a 2009 interview with Fearne Cotton for the documentary show When Fearne Met Peaches Geldof.

In 2013, Geldof would criticize mothers who gave their children to a pedophile named Ian Watkins… who used to date the same Fearne Cotton mentioned above!

Geldof died in 2014, apparently of a heroin overdose. First rule of OTO: don’t talk about OTO.

Fun Fact: OTO’s most influentual early member was Aleister Crowley; Ron Hubbard would base Scientology on OTO having been a member of John W. Parsons’ branch in Los Angeles. Ron even called Crowley a friend.

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