Standard Hotels
Swanky hotel chain

André Balazs with spirit cooker Marina Abramovic

André Balazs Properties consists of eight hotels across the US:

  • The Mercer Hotel in New York City
  • Chateau Marmont in Hollywood
  • Chiltern Firehouse in London
  • Sunset Beach on Shelter Island.

The Standard hotels are:

  • The Standard, Hollywood
  • The Standard, Downtown LA
  • The Standard Spa, Miami Beach
  • The Standard, High Line, Meatpacking District. NYC.
  • The Standard, East Village. NYC.

There have been many peculiar pizza-related incidences at his hotels.

André Balazs

The Standard Hotel chain and four other hotels are owned by André Balazs. He was formerly married to Uma Thurman (who subsequently got engaged to Arpad Busson; Bussons aunt was a follower of Timothy Leary, who in the early 60s was actually married to Uma Thurmans mother).

He recently had a child with Cosima Vesey, member of the British Royal Family, and whose grandfather is “1st Earl of Snowdon” who had a children’s charity with billionaire Evlyn Rothschild.

He was accused of groping an employee in 20171


Disposal of Chemicals

Operators of the Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles plead guilty to discharging chlorine and muriatic acid down a public drain in 20102. This was explained as “pool chemicals”, although there is much speculation as to why. Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer injected his victims with muriatic acid to create contorted bodies.

Such a mixture has previously been used to disolve dead bodies.

Marilyn Manson made cryptic references to pedophilia and canabalism in an interview conducted Chateau Marmont with Hunter S. Thompson. Mr Thompson had previous admitted to drinking adrenochrome.

Manson jokes about Tinder for ‘sexy kids’ calling it ‘kinder’. His new album contains lyrics the lyrics ‘I was invited to eat the young’, along side other themes such as cannibalism, torture, and occult references.

Pedo Symbolism

There is strange symbolism found around the hotel leading many people to suspect it is used for other purposes.


Strange Deaths

Two employees from The Standard hotel group mysteriously died in January 2018. Kimberly Lynne Watzman, 45, of Santa Monica and Brian Reichelt, 56, of Hollywood, Fla., died when their helecopter crashed in Los Angeles.

Watzman was the general manager of the Standard hotel in West Hollywood. She had worked for the company for nearly 11 years. Reichelt was the regional finance director for parent company Standard International since 2011.3

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