Hampstead Case Transcript
Transcripts from the Hampstead Abuse Case

In 20xx, two children would make a series of claims about Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Enclose below is a transcript of videos 17 transcribed by persons unknown.

After making the allegations they were treated at the Tavistock clinic in London and have since retracted their claims and entered the safety(?) of the UK’s care system.

We can only hope they’re ok.

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Hampstead Abuse Allegations Transcripts of the 17 home video interviews.

Filename and length:

  • 31 A____ and James was in it (2:58min) s
  • 32 Naming children and Social Services (2:16min)

  • 33 Supply of babies (2:50min)

  • 34 Sweets, schools (2:19min)

  • 235 Starbucks Pizza Express (1:46min)

  • 236 SS and Cafcass (2:24min)

  • 243 Appealing to A (0:54min)

  • 299 Sex on Wednesdays (2:29min)

  • 301 Distinguishing Marks (1:min)

  • 302 Distinguishing Marks (6:31min)

  • 303 Killing babies (3:19min)

  • 304 Tattoos (2:18min)

  • 305 Baby skin shoes (1:03min)

  • 306 Stars on shoes (1:30min)

  • 09 Sep - cutting heads off (13:18min)

  • 09 Sep - School, women, Sheffield (??:??)

  • Coming to kill us (8:39min)

31 A____ and James was in it (2:58min)


E = Mother

A = Boyfriend of mother

Q = 8 yr old boy

P = 9 yr old girl

E: Start again please.

Q: You have to have a little bit of fear to face it and then your fear will be gone.

A: You feel a bit of fear. Why do you feel a bit of fear. Tell me, mamma. Look at the camera

Q: You feel a bit of fear because I was really dangerous and I ate babies …

E: Look at me.

Q: I ate babies and I feel really weak about it. Really weak. Not strong. When I eat hemp I feel really strong.

A: Tell the camera.

Q: When I eat hemp I feel really strong and really strong

E: When you eat hemp?

Q: Yes, and I feel really powerful, but when I eat meat I feel really, really weak. And when I eat …

P: The first time that we ever ever done it, with papa, the first time when we done it, we had feared so much

A: When you did what?

P: When we killed a baby, the first time …

E: You killed the baby?

P: Yes.

E: You, yourself?

P: With papa. Papa held my hand. He helped me. And he told me to cut the babies head off. He forced me to. 

E: He held your hand?

P: He held my hand. Yes.

E: What. Show me.

P: So, this is my hand on the knife. He put his bigger hand on and then he pushed my hand and then cut off the head. Like that. And then when we got older, we got more used to it. But then, we understood, that when my mum, my mamma, found out about it she told me that its wrong to do this kind of stuff so then I, then me and Q had still been used to, but then we had understood that its wrong.

E: And then, so, what decision is.

P: And our decision we had still a lot of fear in our head but then when we read a book called June it said fear is the mind killer. So when we heard that we thought that it was true. It was not really true. But then after there was a man Abraham knew came to help us he said that it is true. That fear is the mind killer. And then after we, he said we had to face our fear. After we faced our fear ….

E: [inaudible]

P: And then we, after, 

E: The camera is here.

P: We, then we faced our fear.

E: What is decided?

P: We decided that we shall stop killing babies and we shall stop doing sex. Its just going to be pointless and its just going to have to be going to jail and go back.

E: So what are we going to do? We are going to protect other babies and children, huh? And save all the children that are involved.

P: Yes. And James was in it.

Q: When you face the fear you get less fear.

32 Naming children and Social Services (2:16min)


Alleged Abusers Named: Mr. Hollings, Laura Hurlicot, Sophie Dix, Jacqui Cabal (Kabal? Kabol?)
And from Social Services: Ritchie, Ella..

E = Mother

A = Boyfriend of mother

P = 9 yr old girl

A: Can you start again please? We’ll start when it’s flashing. Look at me when it’s flashing.

E: Did you do it before?

A: It wasn’t flashing before. Start again. Tell me more stuff. Tell me about this cult that you’re in.

P: This cult is, because when we, the first time, whenever we did done it.

A: Did what?

P: First EVER, we saw Papa kill a baby, and me and Q done & when they done sex to me and Q.. when we first..

A: Who did sex to you?
 P: Papa and the others, when we first came to school…

A: Who’s the others? Who are the others?

P: Mr. Hollings, Mr. Fors… – well the parents and the teachers… and Papa.

A: Can you give me the names of some of these parents and teachers please?

P: Laura, Sophie, umm, eh eh, Sophie’s Mum..

E: Sophie’s Mum?

M; Who’s Laura? Laura who?

P: Laura, Laura Hurlicot (Hurlicar?)

A: Give me their surnames if you can remember…(? unintelligible..)_

P: Laura Hurlicar, Sophie Dix, ..uhh Jacqui Cabal (Kabal? Kabol?)

A: Who are the leaders of this cult? (2:16)

P: Papa (nodding) Papa.

A: ..and?

P: Papa

A: who is Papa? Who is Papa?

P: Papa is my dad. His name is Ricky Dearman and he does really.. he’s the BOSS..

A: of what?

P: Of the whole, whole thing.

A: of the what? Boss of what?

P: Of the whole cult, of the whole pedophile ring.

A: And what’s the, and what do they do, this cult?

P: They do sex, duh, they do babies….

A: Sex to who?

P: Sex to children. They do it to each other.

A: and what are the babies for? Where do you get the babies?

P: The babies, we send the Social Services to do it, unfortunately. They, get the babies from families who can’t look after the baby, and who don’t want the baby.

A: Oh really?

P: Yes. Sometimes…

A: Social Services, I find that difficult to believe..

P: Yes (nodding)

E: What “venue”? (? Unintelligible)

P: Ritchie, Ella..

A: Ritchie who, Ritchie who..? (2:16)

P: Ritchie, I don’t know his surname, but it’s Ritchie, his name is..

E: ..the one who came to our home…

P: (Nodding)

E: and he’s..(?unintelligible)

A: He’s your particular, he’s your Social Services, he’s a worker there..

P: Yes. And Ella there the lady who..

E: Polish one. Polish..

P: Yes (nodding) She came to our house in forty seven, forty seven (? unintelligible). four (?) forty seven (? “lee” ? )Hollycroft Avenue..

A: One second, one second…

33 Supply of babies (2:50min)


Alleged Abusers Named: Social Services (no names), Miss Mardon (school nurse), Daniel, Felix and Max.

P = 9 yr old girl

A = Boyfriend of mother

P: And then there’s Social Services. They get babies from other families. Say the family can’t afford a baby, so, if they’ve got a baby but can’t look after it or anything like that, so, if they get a baby …..

A: Who do they give the baby to? Do they sell the baby?

P: They don’t just give them, they sell it cause they can’t really … they sometimes give, but they don’t just, like, give it like borrow, like like a rent, they give it away because some trans families are poor so, like in, Tangier, there are people who have children and were really poor. They can’t afford food for them, so if the families can’t, doesn’t have money, and they’ve got a baby, they sometimes sell it

A. What do they do with these babies?

P: They eat it. Do sex … first ….

A: Why do they eat the baby?

P: They … 

A: Is the baby alive?

P: No, they inject it to make it go to sleep and … 

A: And then?

P: And then after, papa tells us to hold the knife and then he puts his big hand on, he pushes it into the neck, cuts it and after, when its upside down, so he goes like that!

A: How do get the baby so its upside down?

P: So you get a string, hang it up, and its upside down when its asleep. Well …

A: {inaudible]

P: Yes. Miss Mardon, the nurse. 

A: Who is Miss Mardon? 

P: She is the nurse for our school. She does the injecting, she pretends to be kind to my mum, and tries to like, say, be kind and then after she injects. She’s the nurse, so she pretends to kind to mum and she just, says to me or Grabriel, if I hurt myself she pretends to be, like, really kind to us and, like, look after us and give us ….

A: Is she a member of this cult?

P: Yes. Shes …

A: [inaudible]

P: Yes, they wear special kind of shoes.

A: What shoes? What kind of shoes

P: Baby skin shoes. Daniel, Felix and Max.

A: Who is Daniel, Felix and Max?

P: They work at a shoe shop. Daniel Felix and Max …

A: They are the shoe makers. What shoe shop do they work at?

P: Daniel and Felix they work in the, next to the O2 Centre one, in the tube station.

A: Where?

P: Just inside the tube station.

A: In the tube station where? Which tube station?

P: O2 Centre.

A: O2 Centre where?

P: On the corner.

A: Which?

P: In think its next to Waitrose. 

A: Finchley Road?

P: Finchley Road station.

A: Tube station?

P: Yes, yes. So when you come in there’s this shop …. Shoe shop …

A: Can you tell me what they do these fellows.

P: These fellows, they take off the skin. I don’t know how …

A: The skin off whom?

P: Of the baby. 

A: And they make shoes?

P: Yes.

A: And who wears these shoes?

P: Papa. Everyone wears the shoes.

A: Everyone in the cult?

P: Yes. [inaudible]

A: One moment ….

34 Sweets, schools (2:19min)


Alleged Abusers Named: Mr Hollings

Q = 8 yr old boy
A = Boyfriend of mother E = Mother

A: Right, anything you want to tell us about?

Q: They ….

E: Who most hurt … what do they do to children

Q: They hurt them. They do sex to them. Then they pay sweeties for them.

E: What do you mean? What did they do to you?

A: Sweeties …

Q: They pay sweeties, for sex, and bumper bags of sweets. And we have Mentos we have Snickers, we have Mars. We have … M & Ms

A: How did they know which ones were … don’t look at me, look at the camera … how did they know which ones are your favourite sweets.

Q: They know how … do you know how they know our favourite sweeties? They … my sister’s P she is in Year 4 and … errrm … there’s a man, a teacher of her, called Mr Hollings, and they were learning about sweets and then P talks to Sophie, her best friend, and then … errrm … she speaks to … errrrm … she speaks to all her friends and then, all her best friends, about her favourite sweeties and then Mr Hollings .. errm … goes near them and peeks what they love. Which sweet they like, and they, say my favourite sweet is … Mars … and my favourite chocolate is Oreo chocolate and then they … and then Mr Hollings hears and then the other classes start to talk about their chocolate and their favourite sweets because they were learning about sweets and chocolate. So other, so other classes start to talk about sweets … they were saying they were really lucky and … errrmmmm …. 

A: Are there any other schools or churches involved.

Q: There’s other schools and churches involved.

A: Which ones?

Q: St Margaret’s …

E: What is your school by the way …

Q: Christchurch School … Christchurch Primary School …

E: Whereabouts …

Q: In Hampstead.

E: And then? What other schools?

Q: New End does it. New End does it … errrm …. Hampstead [inaudible] … you know the one with the tree sign in.

E: Hampstead Heath School

Q: Hampstead Heath School and all the schools in Hampstead do it and St Margaret’s does it. And do you know … errrm … the Church. Do you know the big church in Hampstead they do say there and they go all …. That’s where they go altogether and they do sex.

E: One second …

“231 Papa kills babies” (2:47min)

Q = 8 yr old boy

P = 9 yr old girl

A = Boyfriend of mother 
 Q: We decided to stop touching other children…

P & Q: …stop touching each other…

Q: …and stop touching ourselves.

P: …and face our urge.

A: What else are you going to stop doing?

P & Q: We’re going to stop touching ourselves.

A: What else are you going to stop?

Q: We’re going to stop killing babies.

P: Stop killing babies. And we’re going to face our fear and face our urge.

A: You’re going to face your fear, because fear is what?

P: Fear is the mind killer.

A: And who are you going to help us to catch?

P & Q: All the paedophiles.

P: Papa, Mr Hollings, the school…

Mother: All the policemen, all the social services.

P: All the social services, all Cafcass.

Q: All the shopkeepers, all the cafes, all the pizza expresses.

A: Who did you mention just now?

P: Cafcass

A: Who’s Cafcass?

P: They’re the people who work at Cafcass.

A: What is Cafcass?

P: Cafcass is…

Q: They work with children

P: They work with the social services.

A: What did they do to you?

P: They do sex. They touch each other. They touch me and Q. They have plastic willies.

Q: And they stick it in our bottom.

A: Who does? Who sticks it in your bottom?

Q: The social services. Everybody does.

P: Papa, Richy(?), Ella, all of them.

A: Who?

Q: Everybody.

A: Does your mother do it?

P & Q: No.

A: Do I do it?

P & Q: No.

A: Who does it then?

P & Q: Papa, Mr Hollings…

P: The school.

Mother: Parents…

Q: My dad’s family.

A: Tell me more people.

P: Parents, policemen…

A: What about the teachers at school? Who are the main ones?

P & Q: Papa

P: Mr Hollings, Mrs Forsdyke…

A: Who’s Mrs Forsdyke?

P: Mrs Forsdyke is the headteacher.

Q: She’s the headteacher of our school.

A: And what does she do?

P: She does sex.

Q: She does sex to us.

P: She got a big [???] - she got a big birth mark with a big [???] on her privates.

A: What happens in the church?

P: We do baby sacrifice and eat the baby.

A: What do you mean “sacrifice and eat the baby”?

P: So we killed the baby and eat it, and drink the blood from it.

A: Is that true Q?

Q: Yes. And we dance with the skulls.

A: You what?

P & Q: We dance with the skulls

P: …in a church

A: What skulls?

P: Baby skulls.

Q: Skulls of the baby.

A: Pardon?

P: Baby skulls.

Q: The skulls of the baby.

A: You dance with the baby skulls?

Q: Yes.

A: Who kills the babies?

Q: Papa, me, and P.

P: Do not say my name!

A: Who kills the babies?

P & Q: Papa.

A: And what - he gets you to help him?

P & Q: Yes.

P: He tells us to hold the hand with a knife, and then he holds his hand on our hand. So then he cuts the baby’s head off. And he tips it upside down, and then we drain the blood.

E: And then what do they do?

P: Then we cook it, and then we drink the blood. And then after [???] and dance with the skulls.

235 Starbucks Pizza Express (1:46min)


Q = 8 yr old boy

A = Boyfriend of mother

E = Mother

Q: We also have a church, a big church, and we use it for sex, eating babies, drinking baby’s blood. We kill … sacrifice the baby. We do sex to the babies. We throw … when we are dancing with the skulls when the babies are dead.

A: What skulls? What skulls?

Q: The baby skulls, we cut …

E: From before?

Q: Yes, from before. We put it on …

A: Where do the baby skulls come from?

Q: They come from the baby.

A: How do you get them from the baby?

Q: We cut the baby’s head off, then we kill the meat from the skulls and then we put all the meat and cook it. Sometimes roast it; sometimes we roast it in the oven. Sometimes we cook it a … frying pan.

A: You tell me there’s some restaurants?

Q: Yeah, there’s some restaurants. McDonalds in Hampstead, and East Finchley – and East Finchley is a … is a …. East Finchley is a swimming pool and East Finchley theres a swimming pool and the whole … errrm … and the whole East Finchley does it. The boss does it. Everybody does it.

A: Does what?

Q: Does sex. Eating babies. And there’s McDonalds in there and also involved is Starbucks inside and they’re also involved. And there’s a sweet shop in there ….

E: No, no, no … don’t rush!!! Don’t rush!!!!

Q: And there’s …

E: You are saying McDonalds in Hampstead, and Finchley Road, East Finchley?

Q: Yes

E: And you said Starbucks where?

Q: Starbucks in Hampstead AND … no, no, not in East Finchley, in Hampstead.

A: So not all … not all McDonalds are involved and not all Starbucks?

Q: No.

A: Only the ones where?

Q: In Hampstead and East Finchley. And also … errrm … there’s a …

E: What about Belsize (?) Park

Q: Yeah … Belsize Park … no … no, no, no …

E: There’s a Starbucks there. Do they do there, or not?

Q: Yeah, they do! There’s an … errrm … Pizza Express in Starbucks. No there’s Pizza Express in Belsize Park and they do it.

E: In Starbucks?

Q: Yes.

236 SS and Cafcass (2:24min)


Alleged Abusers Mentioned: Social Services: Spike, Richie; Cafcass: Holly, Ella

Q = 8 yr old boy

A = Boyfriend of mother

E = Mother

E: Wait, wait, wait. Slowly, don’t rush.

Q: And Spike, Social Service, he sticks a plastic willy right up my bottom. I can feel it on my belly.

A: Who does this?

Q: Spike, Social Service.

A: What about this fellow, Ritchie, from Social Service?

Q: And Ritchie, there’s a man called Ritchie and he’s Social Services.

A: Does he come to your school?

Q: Yeah, he comes to our school. Yes. That’s true. He comes to our school and he does sex to us and he knows papa.

A; He’s from Social Services?

Q: Yes. He comes also to the school.

A: He knows your father. How does he know your father?

Q: They met somehow. When we was with papa they met and then they got better friends, and better friends and better friends and better friends. And there’s CafCass, a lady called In … Ella … whole building, the whole building, in …

E: Where? Where?

Q: You know that building in, we went to with ….

E: Where? But where? What do you remember about this building? Where is the location?

Q: Where you went to back to home.

E: But where? Do you remember where? Next to what?

Q: I don’t remember.

A: It doesn’t matter. You know you went to Cafcass, yes?

Q: Yes, we went to Cafcass and there’s a lady and once …

A: Whats the lady’s name?

Q: Holly, and one Cafcass lady.

A: Any other lady?

Q: No.

A: Just Holly?

Q: Yes. And there’s …

A: And there’s … who did you mention. Ella?

Q: Ella, yes, Ella too.

E: Ella from Social Services. No.

Q: Yes

E: Not from Cafcass?

Q: No, from Cafcass.

A: And what did they do to you?

Q: And they do sex to be in a building. Well, like a big office, and they asked me all kinds of personal questions. They asked me does your mum feed you well? And we say yes, and yes and yes. Everything yes. 

E: They asked you many times, didn’t they?

Q: Yes. To make me say yes and no. They ….

A: They want you to say no, that your mother doesn’t feed you well.

Q: So we go and live with our dad.

A: Arh, so they’re attempting to take you.

Q: Trying to make us say, oh look, daddy’s really nice! He doesn’t do no …

A: Do you think your father knows these people?

Q: Yes. My father knows everybody who does the sex. They are not your friends, friends that fellow.

A: Who?

Q: That friend that talks about [inaudible] and your children said “hey, dad there’s something wrong with that chap” yeah he’s not, I don’t know 

A: He’s not friends with that one?

Q: No.

A: So that’s one person your father doesn’t know. We know who does it.

Q: And there’s also. And Spike …

E: Wait, wait, wait.

243 Appealing to A

A = Boyfriend of mother

Q = 8 yr old boy

A: say that again..

Q: P.. Papa is not here.. look.. Braham is here, P….. P… Where is papa? Look.. This is not papa, P

P, that’s not papa.. And just tell the truth.. Please..

P, we can tell the truth.. Look, is this your is this papa?

Is this Ricky Dearman? No.

So, look.. Don’t.. Mom and papa are protecting you and to help you protect yourself and to protect them and to protect all of us.. The group..

If the group lies..things will start to pack and roll and you might broke a glass…

You might hurt yourself..

A: what about the babies?

Q: and you might get your bag of payment for the babies. You might get killed by somebody.

299 Sex on Wednesdays (2:29min)


Alleged Abusers Named: Mr Hollings, Papa, Miss Mardon, Mrs Shale (?)

Q = 8 yr old Boy

A = Boyfriend of mother

A: Can you tell me what happens on a Wednesday please.

Q: Wednesday is the most busiest day of sex. And today it’s Wednesday and if I was right now on Wednesday in School, they would have done lots and lots of sex to me. And it, errm, and Wednesday is the most sex day and it’s the most busiest day. And do we do sex

A: What else happens on a Wednesday?

Q: We do lots and lots of sex. They give out lots of sweets. Really much of sweets and this is also the day when they give us, when they give us lots of sweets and money too.

A: They give you money?

Q: Yeah. They have special days of money.

A: Right.

Q: On Wednesday, it’s the day of money and they [inaudible] sex cause it’s the most, busiest day.

A: What, the most people come?

Q: Yeah.

A: How many people come?

Q: Like a hundred. Like … not all the parents come but there’s loads and there won’t be enough space. Well, they can be all the parents, but the go in other houses. In Mr Hollings house, they go to their houses. And do sex too.

A: How many people abuse you on a Wednesday? On average?

Q: Say, a hundred.

A: How many people abuse you?

Q: A hundred. It’s the most 

A: How do they do sex to you? How do they abuse you?

Q: They stick their willies in my bottom. They touch my privates, sexually. They kick my privates. They … errrm … rub until the white stuff comes out.

A: They rub your penis, they rub your willy, yeah?

Q: Yeah. Yes, until the white stuff comes out.

A: Yeah, yeah. Who does that?

Q: Mr Hollings, Papa, every … Miss Mardon does it for sure. Mrs Shail (?). Everybody does it.

A: They all do it? And where do you go, does it happen, does it all take place in the school?

Q: No. It takes in school, it takes in church, it takes in other houses. It takes …

A: On a Wednesday you go to other houses?

Q: Yeah.

A: Really?

Q: Yes.

A: OK, thank you very much.

301 Distinguishing Marks (1:min)


A = Boyfriend of mother Q = 8 yr old boy

A: Yes. Would you tell us about the marks, or any marks, any distinguishing marks the people who abused you at the school please.

Q: Yes. Mrs Forsdyke she’s got a birthmark.

A: Who is Mrs Forsdyke, wil you describe….?

Q: Mrs. Forsdyke, she’s the head teacher. She’s the Head Mistress.

A: And what’s the name of your school?

Q: Christ Church Primary School, Hampstead.

A: Thank you very much.

Q: and also, she has a birthmark all around…

A: Who are we talking about again?

Q: Mrs. Forsdyke.

A: Who is, who is the…

Q: Head teacher


Q: .. of Christ Church Primary School. And she got a birthmark all around her privates and on her privates.

A: A birthmark, what type of birthmark does she have.

Q: She has like a dark, pink one.

A: and where is it? All over where..?

Q: All around her privates and on her privates.

A: On her inner thighs..? On her inner thighs, on her thighs here (pointing?)

302 Distinguishing Marks (6:31min)


Alleged Abusers: Mrs Forsdyke, Vanessa Fitzpatrick, Mr Hollings, Miss Unwin, Miss Mardon

E = Mother

Q = 8 yr old boy

A = Boyfriend of mother

E: Sure, sure

Q: On here.

A: Where’s the birthmark of Mrs Forsdyke? 

Q: Here. Like, there.

A: All there, yes?

Q: Yeah, on her private parts.

A: Anything else there? Anything else she’s got … anything else you can remember?

Q: Yes. You’ve got like a little dot here.

A: A dot yeah? Where? Show me the little dot.

Q: Here.

A: Show us.

Q: Here … here [pointing to the top of inner right thigh]

A; [inaudible] … little dot, yeah? 

Q: Yeah.

A: Lovely. Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Q: Yes … and she’s got pierce rings …

A: Pierce rings? 

Q: … all over her privates. And she’s also got a pierce ring on her .. errm .. on her private. On her lips.

A: Yeah?

Q: Yes.

A: OK. And what of these does she … [inaudible].

Q: She sticks a willy on my bottom. She touches my privates. She kicks my privates. She rubs until the white things come out. She rubs it really nice. She flicks it. Flicks it really hard and she also, like, do that.

A: What does she do?

Q: Errm … she like pushes it.

A: Who does that? The Head Mistress?

Q: Yes. But really, really hard.

A: And what willy does she stick in .. she’s a lady. She doesn’t have a willy does she?

Q: Yes, she does. A plastic willy.

A: Oh, she has a plastic willy.

Q: Yes.

A: And how does she attach it to herself?

Q: With a like, rubber band.

A: OK.

Q: Like a, like a trouser’s band.

A: OK. Oh, right, like a belt?

Q: And then, and then, they like. Do you know the shoes like this? Sssh ssssh …

A: Oh! Velcro?

Q: Yes. Its like this … sssh ssshhh

A: Like a Velcro belt. Well done. Anyone else you can think of you would like to tell us about? Who have distinguishing marks?

Q: Yes. Errrm … M … Vanessa she’s got a ..

A: Vanessa. Now, who is Vanessa?

Q: Vanessa’s Clark’s mum. Clark is a boy in my class and he is my best, best friend.

A: Right. And what’s his mother’s name? Vanessa what?

Q: Vanessa Patrick.

A: OK. Thank you.

Q: Vanessa Fitzpatrick.

A: Fitzpatrick. OK. Thank you. Carry on. Any marks, disguishing marks about her.

Q: Yeah. She, err, has a, errrm, birth marks on her boob, on her boobies.

A: Yes.

Q: And she is, also, really hairy. Her privates are just like really hairy. Really hairy.

A: OK. That’s the lady you call Sherpherd’s Bush?

Q: Yes.

A: OK. Can you tell me more about Vanessa.

Q: She’s got hairy legs. She got hairy boobies. She got hairy arms. And, erm, her hair is really wiggly and blond.

A: OK.

Q: And she’s got white skin.

A: Are there any other distinguishing marks about her? Apart from her being hairy.

Q: Yes.

A: Other marks on her body?

Q: Yes. She has, like, errm. She’s, errm, got a verruca here. Verruca.

A: A wart? 

Q: No. A verruca. Verruca.

A: What’s a verruca?

Q: A verruca is what I’ve got here [pointing to the bottom of his right foot]

A: OK. And she’s got one where?

Q: On here [pointing to the knuckle of the index finger on his right hand]

A: OK.

Q: Between her two bones.

A: Anyone else you would like to tell us about.

Q: Yes.

A: Who else has distinguishing marks.

Q: Yes. They’re really strange marks. And, errrm, Mr Hollings, he has like red dots all over his willy.

A: Really? 

Q: Yeah, like, really … little

A: Little red dots all over his willy?

Q: Yes.

A: And who is Mr Hollings?

Q: He’s my sisters teacher when, when I was in year 3, Mr Renay used to be my teacher. Mr Hollings used to be her teacher but now I’m moving into year 4 and now Mr Hollings is my teacher and, errm, now my sister’s teach is Mr Burnett.

A: Thank you. And Mr Hollings has what on his private parts?

Q: Red dots.

A: Just on his willy or anywhere else?

Q: Mmmm … yeah, yes a tiny, errrm. Yes. On his willy and like a, here.

A: Thank you very much. Anybody else you’d like to tell us about.

Q: Yes. 

A: Who?

Q: Mr Burnett 

A: He’s got …

Q: He shaved himself.

A: Yeah?

Q: Yeah, on his willy, yeah.

A: When he shaved himself, what can you see when he’s shaved. What is there to see?

Q: Willy and also …

A: Yeah, so he doesn’t have any other marks? No tattoos, nothing?

Q: No. YES!!!! He has tattoos.

A: He has a tattoo?

Q: Tattoo and pierce rings.

A: What? Really?

Q: Yes. And .. Carly, my best friend, he has a pierce ring on his willy. At the end of his willy. Where it wees.

A: Yeah?

Q: Yeah, and also on his like, balls, not on his balls, on his leg. Down a bit.

A: Really?

Q: Yeah. Where your balls are.

A: Very good.

Q: And he, errrm, Mrs Fordyke also squashes my balls and it really hurts.

A: Errrrr …

Q: Yeah. It hurts me all around here.

A: Can you tell me if any other person has any distinguishing marks please.

Q: Yes. Miss Unwin. She got, like, like a, errrm, tiny wart on, like, here [pointing to his groin] like a tiny wart there.

A: I see.

Q: Yeah.

A: OK. Tiny wart there.

Q: Yeah.

A: And there’s another lady apparently who has a big wart.

Q: Yes. And there’s another lady who has a wart. Miss Mardon, she’s the nurse teacher, and she’s, errm, she got a wart here [pointing to the right side of his neck] and …

A: And where else has she got a wart?

Q: On, errm, privates. Right on her lips.

A: Right on the lips?

Q: Yes.

A: How big is this wart? I’ve heard you mention it before.

Q: Its as big as a 5 pence piece because I measured it.

A: You measured it?

Q: Yes.

A: How did you get to measure it?

Q: When, errm, she told me to .. when I asked her to measure it after the sex.

A: After what sex?

Q: After sticking willy in my bottom. And also after … licking

A: Who stuck a willy up your bottom … after the licking!

Q: Too, yeah.

A: Licking what? What were you licking?

Q: The privates. The middles.

A: Whose privates were you licking?

Q: Miss Mardon. I asked can I measure it and I measured it.

A: And committed sex acts upon you as well.

Q: Yeah.

A: What sex acts did she commit.

Q: She’d stick a willy in my bottom and also sometimes people, errm, stick, errm, balls too, of the willy in my bottom and then when they take it out it bleeds more than when they stick a willy in. It bleeds more.

A: OK. Thank you very much. OK.

303 Killing babies (3:19min)


Alleged Abusers Named: RD, Clarke’s father, Mia’s father, Max’s father, Ella’s father,

Q = 8 yr old boy

A = Boyfriend of mother

E = Mother

A: Would you tell us what happened in the church now, please, Q.

Q: Yes. In the church, errrm, they, errrm, they errrm, they cook the babies there. They do sex there. They, errrm, and they also have secret rooms there.

A: They cook the baby?

Q: Yeah, and they have a secret kitchen.

A: They cook the baby there; they have secrets rooms and secret kitchen.

Q: Yes.

A: And what goes on there? You say they cook the baby.

Q: Yes.

A: Is the baby alive when they cook the baby.

Q: No. It’s dead. They kill it.

A: Who kills the baby?

Q: Me, errrm, my dad kills the baby. Other adults kill the baby. Other fathers.

A: When you say me, how do you mean me?

Q: Papa helped.

A: Arrgh, your father helped you to.

Q: Yeah, I never did it on my own.

A: OK. And who are the other people that kill the babies.

Q: There’s other parents, father … errrm … parents of the father … errrm … the Clarke’s father kills babies, he’s really strong. 

A: Clarke’s father kills babies?

Q: And Leon’s.

A: And Leon’s father. Who else. Can you tell me any of the other fathers that kill babies please?

Q: Yes. Mia’s, Mia cause errrm, Mia. Mia’s father, Mia’s father kills baby. Ella’s father kills baby. Errrm Max’s father kills baby. 

E: From P’s class?

Q: Yes. And also Ella from my class.

E: Ella the one that went to Fitzjohn’s.

Q: And also Ella from my class and Ella from P’s class, she’s not, Ella from P’s class has already moved. She’s not there any more. She moved to Fitzjohn’s. She likes, she loves sex. And she became star of the show cause our dad is the boss. Ella wanted to be the star of the show in Fitzjohn’s.

A: So they are doing all of this abuse in Fitzjohn’s School at well?

Q: Yes.

A: Are there any other schools this is happening?

Q: Yes. Hampstead Parochial, the one with the tree sign.

A: Hampstead Parochial.

Q: The one with the words … like …

A: What school’s that? The one with the words?

Q: Like attached words, like

A: Is it Hampstead Parochial, or another school?

Q: Another school.

A: And you don’t know what it’s called?

Q: No.

A: And how many schools …

Q: And also the school which is by, like, you know that one where Mia’s house is?

A: Do you know the school?

Q: You know that school where Mia’s house is?

E: Mia’s house is ..

Q: Yeah, yeah, it’s like in Hampstead. Do you know that school? Yeah

E: Do I know, know, know, 

A: How many schools have you been taken to?

E: Parochial School?

Q: Oh, Paro … no, no that’s not where she lives ..

E: (?)

Q: No. Do you know the one, do you know the, do you know the school which is hidden in, in like the cinema, like, the cinema.

E: Yeah, yeah, yes. It’s Hampstead Parochial.

Q: Yeah, and …

E: Its also Christian church. Perhaps Parochial School.

Q: Yeah.

A: Thank you very much, thank you very much. Thank you very much.

304 Tattoos (2:18min)


Alleged Abuses Named: Teaching Assistants Mr Fornoni, Mr Gordge; Vanessa, Laura and more but audio was very poor

Q = 8 yr old boy

A = Boyfriend of mother

A: Hi again Q. Sorry to disturb you while you are having your breakfast, but we’d like you to tell us about the tattoos please.

Q: Yes.

A: Can you tell us in your own words.

Q: All the 20 special children have a tattoo exs-pect …

A: Except …

Q: Except for me and myself, no, except for myself and my sister cause my mum isn’t a member of the cult.

A: OK. Anyone else have tattoos

Q: Yes. The 20 special children all have tattoos. And also, all the teachers have tattoos. Mr Fornoni has tattoos all over his arms. And Mr Gordge also got tattoos all over his arms . And also they have on their pussies, their privates.

A: And?

Q: And also all the teachers have it. Not all parents.

A: So all the teachers have tattoos on their privates …

Q: Yes.

A: … you say.

Q: Yes

A: And what type of tattoo do they have on their privates …

Q: They all have tattooes …

A: What type of tattoos?

Q: They are devil and monster tattoos 

A: On their privates?

Q: Yes.

A: They all have them?

Q: Yes.

A: All of the teachers in Christchurch Primary School have devil tattoos on their private parts?

Q: Yes. No also monster ones. Yeah, the devil one is in the middle but there’s monster ones and also they have piercings.

A: OK. Have you … are these the tattoos that you’ve drawn pictures of? You’ve given us pictures of?

Q: No …

A: You’ve drawn some pictures of tattoos. Are these the tattoos you are talking about?

Q: Yeah.

A: So anybody else [inaudible] … Do parents have tattoos?

Q: Vanessa, [inaudible] Laura, [inaudible]

A: How many parents have we got? [really bad sound]

Q: All the parents 

A: All 400 parents have tattoos.

Q: [Nods]

A: Are you sure?

Q: [inaudible] 399, except my mum.

A: Except your mother, have tattoos on their privates.. Thank you very much.

305 Baby skin shoes (1:03min)


P = 9 yr old girl

Q = 8 yr old boy

E = Mother

A = Boyfriend of mother

Q: Well, errmm, so, they also make shoes of skin, of the baby’s skin.

P: They’ve got a special tool and they put it in the skin, like, in the baby’s skin and then they take it off. Then they put, …

Q: and then they stick it, cause the blood is all kind of sticky and they stick it on the shoe, on the sole, and the flip flops. They stick it on the flip flops. 

P: They’ve got flip flops and they, those shoes like, the ones that I like. The ones I showed my mum. In the shoe shop in Grand Cross. Those ones with the big, they’ve got a big star, on the baby skin … not like, it’s not, you can do it coloured, but it’s a bit see-through there. 

E: For the skin.

P: Yes, its skin.

A: OK, we’re sorry to …

P: A big black star, wait, wait … pause pause … I need to draw this star picture … the papers downstairs.

306 Stars on shoes (1:30min)


Alleged Abusers Named: Mr Hollings

P = 9 yr old girl

Q = 8 yr old boy

E = Mother

A = Boyfriend of mother

Q: Carving the skin off. And, errrm, also Alexis is really good …

A: Carving the skin from where?

Q: From the baby, and, errm, when the baby’s dead.

A: And … when the baby’s dead … and these are the baby skin shoes we are talking about?

Q: Yes. 

A: And who wears them, and who keeps them and where do they keep them?

Q: Well, other, the parents keep them in cupboards, ordinary cupboards. And …

A: What. Their baby skin shoes …

Q: Yeah.

A: Everybody keeps their own shoes?

Q: Yeah.

A: And who keeps yours?

Q: Mr Hollings, a teacher, my sister’s teacher when I was in Year 3.

A: He keeps your shoes …

E: He keeps them for you?

A: He keeps the shoes for you?

Q: Yes.

P: Can I have some draw (?) please?

A: One moment, yeah. And … there is a star on the shoe you say. Can you draw a picture of the star for me. The shoe that you’ve just done … where is the star on the shoes you say, the black star?

P: On the sides.

Q: On the sides you say? Yeah?

P: Just here on the ankle.

A: OK … one moment. And this the star. Its upside down is it?

P: Yeah, 

A: Which way?

P: Its like this.

09 Sep - cutting heads off (13:18min)


Alleged Abusers Named: Father Paul, Mr Hollins, Mrs Forsdyke, Sara who works at Cleo’s, Mr Morris

I = Irish Guy

P = 9 year old girl

I: Don’t worry … So the police … ( ? ) did you tell the other police, that the police that were hurting you?

P: Erm … my mum says that they didn’t interview my mum or Papa Hemp.

I: Right

P: They only interviewed me and Q but it should take, like, ( ?) all kinds of stuff from my mum and A.

I: But the policeman that interviewed you yesterday has told the policeman …

P: I don’t think they are helping though …

I: (Laughs) They’re not helping then? Well, we know that. We know that. But its part of the standard procedure we have to tell the police what is happening.

P: Q … took … the police … to a place where we regularly … go to do sex. Cause my father doesn’t have his own house.

I: Right.

P: He goes with Mr Hollings, Mrs Forsdyke.

I: Right But you found that house, then, yeah?

P: (Nods) Mmm

I: What about the baby skulls? Did you find the baby skulls?

P: No.

I: You didn’t search for them? Didn’t have a search warrant?

P: The police wanted to search … they wanted to go to the church today,

I: Right

P: but Papa Hemp he’s telling them to go tomorrow because tomorrow is the sex day.
 I: As soon as … the sooner we get them sorted out the better. You know ..
 P: The police didn’t want it for tomorrow.

I: What was the name of the priest? Father?

P: Father Paul

I: Right …. Was he a nasty piece of work?

P: (Nods) And he’s fat.

I: Fat as well. Goodness. Very strange. And CAFCASS. That’s another thing.

P: Social Services, the GPs, the doctors.

I: They’re all know about it …

P: Solicitors … I: They’re all in on it?

P: Huh huh

I: They all do sex?

P: (Nods)

I: You’re talking about a major sex cult here, you know? (Talking to the dog) Oy, shut up! That dog’s nuts!

P: Essa? she distracts.

I: Yeah.

P: She’ll bark till we let her go. That’s what we do when we … cause we were eating here ..

I: Right

P: She was barking. …. And I’ll go “oh” and Papa Hemp said she’s distracted. No need to let her go off the lead.

I: So you were saying that your Grandmother is in on it as well? Your father’s mother. Or

P: Yes, my father’s mother and my father’s grandmother.

I: They are all in on it. Goodness me.

P: Yes. Well you know. Pappa’s family, well, RD’s family

I: RD’s family

P: We’ve got black circles around their eyes. Big patches. Because of the sugar. That’s what A says. My mother knows cause she saw them.

I: Right. Very strange.

P: My mum said when we were babies, like the, my father, well, RD’s grandmother she was like mum I don’t know mum saying that the Grandmother saying oh look at that, look at that, like all the time, when we were babies, at our private stuff.

I: Jesus. … So we’re gonna stop now.

P: That’s what Papa hemp said that they might, my father might escape if he gets alerted.

I: RD? Yeah, yeah. They’re gonna run. They are like cockroaches. Scuttling for a rock to hide under. But there ain’t gonna be no rocks. Cause we are gonna make sure there’s no rocks for them to hide under.

P: Like rabbits trying to get in the hole away from the fox.

I: Rabbits are nice little creatures. They are more like cockroaches than rabbits, you know. Very worrying, that the police, and the priest, are in on this.

P: The police, the good police, well, Jean-Clement’s friends, they tell, in fact, is that one is called Sara. She works in the Cleos. You know this lady with the dark hair. Well, she’s got kinda dark, dark blue costume.

I: OK.

P: Yes. Her partner, Sara, she’s a bad lady that’s got really red cheeks, she’s one of them.

I: What do you mean, partner? She’s a lesbian!

P: She works with her.

I: Oh, right.

P: And she’s one of them. One of the paedophiles. That’s why they’re not helping.

I: Right.

P: We think that Stephen, one of the good policemen, they all do it.

I: They all do it?

P: That’s what we think.

I: Well its not good to think …

P: (I coughs so inaudible) Pappa Hemp said he feels

I: He feels. He suspects that something is going on.

P: Cause if they did know, they would have been in action, they would have helped.

I: Right

P: Well, they would have been in jail by now, cause they said on Monday or Saturday, or Sunday or Monday they will get arrested.

I: Mad. What date is it today? Is it the 9th of September?

P: Today’s now Tuesday.

I: Tuesday, 9th September.

P: Yesterday, they had to be arrested already.

I: So its Tuesday, 9th or 8th. Is it the 8th or the 9th?

P: Today’s the 9th.

I: Right. Todays the 9th September 2014.

P: Yesterday was the 8th

I: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yesterday was 8th, so today is 9th September 2014. Its 15:58, almost 4 o’clock in the afternoon. 9th September 2014. Very strange. We never believed the children. We never believed.

P: There are some children that like them.

I: Is there really?

P: Sophie. She’s a girl and she likes it.

I: How old is she?

P: The same age as me. She’s only 8 years old.

I: Right. But she enjoys it?

P: Yes, she likes it.

I: Are her parents into it as well?

P: Yes. She likes to do sex.

I: And she’s 8 years old?

P: Yes

I: That’s …. (splutters)

P: And she gets a lot of sweets for this.

I: Right. How much money do they get?

P: Oh … errrmmm … a lot.

I: And do they charge for it as well. Do they charge? They charge for it as well, don’t they?

P: Yes.

I: How much do they charge?

P: One thousand pounds. It looks like one thousand pounds a week they get.

I: Phwoar ….

P: Maybe it’s a million pounds …

I: It doesn’t matter … yeah, yeah, yeah …

P: Fifty pounds every single day. In a whole year, do you know … 365 days …

I: Comes to a lot of money …

P: Know … that’s a lot of money. There’s no such thing as a number.

I: Yeah, the number doesn’t mean anything. What we are talking about is children suffering here, you know.

P: Every year there’s 365 babies suffering every year.

I: 365. Probably more if you multiply it by the rest of the country. Remember,.. its very strange.

P: Yeah, I know.

I: Have you drunk blood? Have you drunk blood?

P: Yeah. Tastes like metal

I: Tastes like metal?

P: I didn’t like the taste.

I: But you are a vegetarian! You are a vegan.

P: Weird taste.

I: Weird taste. They made you eat the flesh as well. Baby flesh.

P: Yeah.

I: Was it babies flesh?

P: Yes. Baby flesh. And meat. And normal animal flesh like chicken and beef.

I: Right. Why did they cut the heads off the babies?

P: They hang it upside down and theres this big white bowl under. And after they’ve cut, … they don’t cut the head off until it falls on the floor.

I: Right.

P: They leave it on. The cut off the head,

I: Yeah.

P: But after its still on. Its hanging on.

I: Right.

P: Then the blood drips in. And if there’s blood splashed everywhere. They get mops …

I: They don’t like to leave a mess.

P: They don’t want to, no. They would like to leave a mess,

I: Right.

P: But they know that just in case if one of the children tells it may lead to something.

I: Well, listen, everything is going to be all right. Everything is going to be alright. Its just going to change

P: That’s why … that’s why, when we had the school disco that’s why (?) that said no parents are allowed to be at the school disco.

I: Right.

P: But that’s … only one page … that my mum had. Everyone else didn’t have their parents are not allowed. It said parents are welcome to come.

I: Well. Cause they were involved.

P: They were involved?

I: They’re involved.

P: My mother. She’s not involved. It just said, parents are not allowed, so just drop off the child and go.


P: That’s why you have to check what day it is.(?)

I: What about the secret language? What about the secret language that they use?

P: Yes.

I: Tell me about that.

P: They use it to .. they use it … the teachers … they use it … all of them use it.

I: Whats the secret language?

P: (?)

I: Tell me. Show me.

P: So as I said, this aggressive move that Yessie said was aggressive yesterday.

I: Show me.

P: There’s this one (?)

I: Right.

P: This one means, like, there is someone my mum knows ….

I: Someones coming …

P: … she doesn’t do it.

I: Right.

P: That will alert them.

I: What about … what about …

P: Cause yesterday,

I: Mmmm …

P: The lady that we know, she’s one of them.

I: Right.

P: Just walking. She was spying on us. Cause that’s her job, to spy on us.

I: Right.

P: She spied on us and after I was like close to alerting her that I told. I was really close, I was like that. But then I realised if I do I would get killed.

I: That’s right.

P: Then after, I tried not to, but I didn’t. So just looked at my hand like that, but I did do this one. Which means, touch.

I: Touch. What about the one where you wriggle your arse?

P: Yes, that means touch them quickly, like, run, right at this moment.

I: Right this moment, right. Well, all them things are going to stop now.

P: (?) caught, only if the police are hurt )?)

I: That’s right. Do you know how many children you have saved because of your bravery?

P: 200 (?)

I: But that’s only today. That’s only … I mean in the future. If we stop these people, you do realise that you’ve …

P: A lot.

I: A lot.

P: But they … not 200 … all schools ….I don’t know how many teachers there are in the school errrr how many school children there are in the schools.

I: How many schools are involved?

P: All Hampstead ones. All the Hampstead area. All.

I: How many of the priests are involved?

P: Maybe about, maybe about 20. Something like that. It’s a lot. A lot of priests. It seems a lot, but its not much.

I: Whats the name of the church?

P: Christchurch

I: Hampstead?

P: Christchurch Primary School, that’s what our church is.

I: And the name of the priest that’s involved?

P: Yeah, Father Paul

I: Paul? Paul who?

P: Father Paul. His name is Father Paul, we call him Father Paul

I: You don’t know his second name?

P: No, his real name is Father Paul. Its not his real name, its what the children call him.

I: Is he a bad, does he hurt you?

P: Yeah, yes, a lot.

I: Right.

P: And Mr Morris, this big guy, who is the child taker, not child care (?), yes?

I: Right

P: Well, works … he sweeps up the floor in the school. He’s a worker, so he locks up the school gates. So when everyone has left school, he locks up the gates.

I: Right.

P: And all kinds of stuff like that. He’s got the keys to lock up the school.

I: Right.

P: That’s why.

I: And does Father Paul hurt the girls and the boys

P: The girls.

I: The girls. He doesn’t like boys?

P: Well, he does like boys, but not as much as girls. They scream a lot cause there’s more girls liking it than boys.

I: Quite bizarre. Here’s mammy, lets go and see mammy.

09 Sep - School, women, Sheffield


(I – Irish Guy)
(G= Girl)

I : I needed that Banana.

P: sorry?

I: I needed that, that was nice

H: Get another one.

I:No, no, no. That’s enough for me. Thank you.

I: So, Q was tellin’ me that the whole school’s in on it.

P: Yes. The whole school is.

I: My God.

P: All the Teachers.

I : And there’s Police as well? What’s the name of the Police?

P: One is called Abe Williams

I: mm hhmm..

P: and he’s black.

I : OK

P: and then there’s one, Simon Pitsman (?) (0:45)

I: Right.

P: And then there’s another one Alice Singleton..

I: oh “Singleton (Sinkleton?)”…. Are they from Hampstead Police station?

P: Yes.

I: Right. That’ll all get sorted out. You said, was there Priests involved?

P: Yes.

I: What was the name of the Priest?

P: Father Paul

I: Father Paul. And it was Christ Church?

P: Yes.

I: Hampstead

P: Yes and it was…

I: We’ll sort it out, don’t worry..

P: Yes, and it was.. and Humphry (? uninteligible)..

I : You were sayin’ that the women are the worst..? They hurt you the most?

P: Yes, they’re one, he’s one of the worst, the Priest.

I: So, the Priest is the one of the worst ones..?

P: yeah, they’re one of the worst.

I: But the women, did you say that the women?

P: Yeah, the women are the worst.

I: They’re pretty bad, they are…

P: ..and the man, not SO bad, and my father, as I said…

I: he’s “mean” (?)

P: no, no, he told the solicitor are suggesting, well, not suggesting, but they’re telling…that my father, or RD, Ricky Dearman

I: yeah, yeah, yeah… do call him your father, yeah…

P: He wants to go, he wants to take me and Q (1:45) this Saturday, overnight to Sunday, to Sheffield.

I: No, no. It’s not goin’ to happen.

P: and, Momma’s not letting that happen

I: naah.. neither is, neither is the rest of it. Don’t worry. It’s not gonna happen.
Mad stuff, isn’t it..?

P: (nodding)

I: well, and you know..and you were sufferin’ from this from, from the time you were a little child?

P: sorry?

I: You were sufferin’ for this from when you were a baby?

P: Yes. Since we were babies, yes.

I: So, it’s been…goin’ that long? My god.

P: ..(? unintelligible) he was doin’it seem (?) old as (? unintelligible)

I: He’ll not be doin’ it no more!

P: ‘cause if he was doing it right now, he’s 44, right now. .. a (2:26)

I: Yeah

P: so, how many more years is this..?

I: well, he’s been doin’ it…well, how old are you..? How old are you?

P: umm, I’m 9.

I: yeah, and your brother’s 8?

P: yes. So, he was doing it for…30 years..? no, he was

I: no, since he was 35?

P: No,35, but he was doing it when he was MUCH younger than that…

I: So, he was doing it before you were around then?

P: Yes. Yeah

I: awe, I see what you mean. I see what you mean…

P: Even before we were…(unintelligible)

I: You do realize that this is called “generational”? That means that it’s, it’s in the family. There’s somethin’ wrong with his family.

P: yeah, yes, it’s his Mother, yes, his mother does it..

I: yeah, you were sayin’ that, Q was sayin’ that his mother’s..

P: That’s SHEFFIELD, That’s where his mother lives, and his grandmother.lives

I: Right. But his mother’s into “kiddie fiddling” too..

P: Yes.

I: My god..

P: She’s in the, the.. group.

I: So, it’s a group of people?

P: Sorry?

I: We never believed that there was groups of these people around. We never believed that this thing.. y’a know..

P: Before, when you even didn’t know this..

I: the what..?

P: Before you even didn’t know this thing..?

I: We didn’t.. people told us that it was goin’ on, but we never believed them. (3:44)

P: oooh…

I: We, we never thought that there would be monsters like that! You know that?

P: Killing babies..

I: ..killing babies…and they do kill babies, don’t they?

P: (Nodding)

I: and what else do they do?

P: Eat it. And drink the blood.

I: Why would they do such a thing?

P: (Shrugs) Sick.

I: Sick people. Th..Th..They’re not human. They’re not human..(sigh) Well, you’re ok now. You’re with humans. We’re gonna be alright.

P: They’re planning for me and Q and my Mom, to go to Morrocco, well, to Marrakesh. Fly to Maroc, then Casablanca, to Russia, where my Grandparents are.

I: ok. You’ll be safe. (4:27)

P: no, they’re not my Father’s grandparents, they’re my Mum’s.

I: yeah, your Mum’s Grandparents, they’re the good guys.

P: They’re Russian though

I: Yep, well, you’ve been very unlucky, to have had this experience in your life. But it’s gonna make you a better person. You’ve saved other children. You know that, don’t y’a?

P: Sorry? (4:45)

I: You’ve saved other children’s lives.

P: Yeah, I know that.

I: Do you know how many children you’ve saved?

P: mmm, 200?

I: we can’t estimate, because we don’t know how long that they would have got away with this. You’ve saved an unestimated amount of children’s lives.

P: Right now, it’s 2 o’clock

I: mm hmm

P: So… right now, they would have been doing sex to children, right now, in school.

I: On Wednesday?

P: Yes, on Wednesday tomorrow is, but today’s (5:16) Tuesday. They’ll still be doing sex.

I: So, there’s certain times that they do it?

P: No, they do it every day.

I: They do it every day. That’s shocking.

P: But Monday and Fridays not much

I: yeah. But it’s getting you to hurt other children. That was unbelievable.

P: There would be a baby dying too

I: There WILL be..?

P: Yes, but…(? Unintelligible) to go to church. But without me and Q there. They won’t have any party.

I: They won’t have the party? So, you’ve saved the children.

P: No, they WILL do sex though. They’ll do EXTRA sex.

I: ok. Shocking. Absolutely unbelievable. I wouldn’t believe that, in this time that we’re livin’ in, that such a thing could happen. You Know? That’s why they been getting’ away with it, because people weren’t listnin’ to their children. Y’a know that?

P: I know that the parents do it.

I: The parents are in on it.

P: All.

I: The whole school was in on it?

P: Yes, 400 parents that means. 200 children and they have mother and father, so, that’s 400.

I: (cough) I’ve never heard such things in my life. And I’ve lived a long life. Y’a know? Well, it’s all gonna change now. It’s not gonna happen no more. There’s gonna be no more of this goin’ on. You’re, you’re with humans now. Alright? And we’ll teach you some good magic! Yeah..?

P: (Nodding.) Well not magic tricks. Good tricks.

I: Yeah, of course! That’s only the best, only the best.

Coming to kill us (8:39min)


P: 9 yr old girl

I: Irish guy

Q: 8 yr old boy

P: My friend, Georgia, she can make tricks with cards.

I: Huh, huh

P: And, err, I have to get this card. And after get this assistant.

I: Right.

P: And then you take a card out. They choose a card.

I: Huh, huh.

P: And they don’t show it. They put it back. Then the person who got the card mixes it, and then they take out the card.

I: Mmmm

P: Like that one.

I: That’s card tricks. They’re easy.

P: Yes. That’s what, errm, my friend can do.

I: What. Do you want to learn card tricks? Card tricks are easy. I’ve got some card tricks for you. Then you can do some really nice, cool tricks. You know. So are you glad it’s all over? 

P: Yes.

I: Did you have to face the music with the police yesterday? And Social Services? That must have taken a lot of, a lot of guts, you know?

P: Yesterday was the police.

I: Yeah, it was the police. Was it Social Services as well?

P: No, it was only the police.

I: Only the police, right. See there’s some people in the place as well. You know.

P: They didn’t really help

I: I know. But there is some good people in the place too. But … the real men are coming forward now. We are gonna make sure that …

P: I know.

I: … doesn’t happen.

P: Papa Hemp he told Jean Clement, that the solicitor said that my father wants to take us to Sheffield.

I: That’s not going to happen.

P: Yes. Yes. That’s what he’s saying. That if we, if my mum says, if she does says, yes you can, that means when we go to his house on Saturday the police can go with us.

I: Mmmm

P: And after the police can … they will not have their uniforms on. They just going to like walk round or something. And after they, my mum will press the panic alarm.

I: Right.

P: So they will catch him and then he’ll go.

I: You don’t need a panic alarm. Me and Papa Hemp are the panic alarms.

P: [giggles]

I: The first sign of any trouble you go … I(name) … A(name) .. 

P: They don’t know my name around there. 

I: They don’t know your name. Alright.

P: And then they …

I: Here he is … HELLO

Q: Hello

P: They know the name the mother

I: Who doesn’t?

P: All of them.

I: That’s good. Yeah, because we’re the cavalry.

P: I told Abraham that, 

I: Yeah.

P: I told Abraham.

I: We are going to make sure everything is going to be OK. As of now. Did you enjoy Morocco? 

P: Yes.

I: Cool, wasn’t it. Nice people.

P: Yes, they were.

I: Totally different. Nice …

P: One of, erm, one of erm, one of erm, … Jean Clement’s men told papa we went to Barnett police station. Steve! It might be Steve or the fat lady.

I: Who’s that?

P: Police station. The good police told my father ..

Q: Its one of Jean Clement’s, erm, policeman.

P: They told my father that we went to Barnett police station. So my father knows about this.

I: WOW. That’s OK. 

P: So my father knows that we told. So he might come and kill us.

I: He’s not going to come anywhere near yous. Alright. We’re gonna make sure you are alright. [coughs]

I: How many children do you think he has killed?

P: I don’t. I think more than 1,000 in his whole life.

I: Yeah, you can’t even think.

P: Maybe, like, nearly 2,000. I don’t know.

I: Have you ever seen them doing it?

P: YES!!! They told us to kill it!

I: Oh my goodness. 

P: They like. They told us hold the knife. We held the knife. And they smack us, smack us and hurt us until we cut off the head.

I: Yeah.

P: But, because we can’t, we are not so strong, cause the spine is there.

I: That’s right.

P: They hold our hand, our, our, my father, RD, he holds our hand and he cuts off the baby’s head.

I: Goodness.

P: So he puts his …

I: He puts your hand on … yeah, yeah … I see. Yeah.

P: Yes, yes. So he makes sure that … it’s not like on the knife

I: Right. He makes it yours, your hand, 

P: Yes.

I: That’s pretty sick stuff, you know that.

P: If his hand on it, if he touches it, he wipes some of his fingerprints.

I: Fingerprints. I think it’s more, yeah. Shocking boy …

[At this point the camera is put down, picture goes black and I think it was forgotten the camera was still running for another 3 minutes. A lot of the recording was inaudible]

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